Eat more food without labels
Eat more food without labels
We are #1 for making food that is medicine for your body. What can we make for you?
We are #1 for making food that is medicine for your body.What can we make for you?

Fresh Weekly Dinner Services



Let A Taste of Life Personal Chef Service make your life easier

with fresh homemade meals.


We will deliver meals once a week for fresh weekday dinners.


Each dinner will be customized to your tastes and dietary requirements.


We can save you 10 to 12 hours per week in the kitchen!


No planning, no shopping, no cooking, and no cleanup!


You will treasure this time-saving service.


We have experience in cooking all the latest diet trends.



Comparison Chart on Meal Delivery Services
  Chef Sherry Blue Apron HelloFresh
Meals Menu customized to your personal tastes and needs No customized menu choices No customized menu choices
Delivery Cooked and delivered on the same day for freshness Sitting on your porch Sitting on your porch
Cooking None - Just put meals in oven for 30 minutes or less Get out your pans and cook for more than 30 minutes Get out your pans and cook for more than 30 minutes
Clean-up Recycle containers Do dishes Do dishes

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