Eat more food without labels
Eat more food without labels
We are #1 for making food that is medicine for your body. What can we make for you?
We are #1 for making food that is medicine for your body.What can we make for you?

Gourmet Cooking Lessons


We offer two kinds of gourmet cooking lessons, One-On-One or Group demonstration in your kitchen.


Are you wanting to explore a new cuisine, but are afraid to try it alone?  Let us guide you through the process of a new recipe and instruct you from start to finish.


For group demonstration classes, we will show cutting techniques, explain all the ingredients, go step by step, so everyone can recreate the dish at home.


We also teach Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free classes.


Please contact us several weeks in advance to book.  One-On-One lessons require a two-hour minimum.  Group lessons require a four-hour minimum.



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