Eat more food without labels
Eat more food without labels
We are #1 for making food that is medicine for your body. What can we make for you?
We are #1 for making food that is medicine for your body.What can we make for you?

What our customers are saying about us



Gentlemen, if you are looking for a romantic and special night for any occasion, this is the place to go!!! A romantic dinner especially made for two by Chef Sherry! 


First of all, do what my husband did and make it a big surprise!  He chose the perfect meal choices from Chef Sherry's delicious menu!!  Let her serve you in the comforts of your own home!!!  We had a delicious meal out on our deck over looking our lake!  She cooked, she served and she cleaned up!!! 


It was truly a special night I will never forget!! A unique idea that will have everyone talking!!!  I bragged about it for weeks!!!  You will not be disappointed!!!!"


Kathy, Brighton


"I learned about the food service of Chef Sherry from a health care provider after I had abdominal surgery.  Upon discharge it was suggested to me that I get Meals On Wheels.  That was not an option for me because of my dietary restrictions.


My husband and I have been very pleased with the quality of food, Chef Sherry's knowledge and skill of cooking.  She caters to each individual's needs and seeks feed-back.   It is  a pleasure dealing with someone with a cheery and positive attitude.


In my situation I always requested soups.  A list of soups with ingredients is given to review.  She ways answered my questions and made changes if needed. And it was always delicious!"


Lynne, Flint

"We received the wonderful gift of Chef Sherry cooking us a gourmet dinner from our children for our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We talked with Chef Sherry several times before the “big” night. She was very easy to work with and willing to do whatever we wanted to make the evening perfect. From the time that we got the menu suggestions, which was really hard to narrow down to 4 courses, because all the suggestions sounded incredible, until the night of our dinner Chef Sherry was always in contact.  The night was perfect, every dish was so much better then we could have wished for. The Tiramisu mousse was the perfect ending to our romantic dinner! Later when we went into the kitchen, it was as if Chef Sherry had never been there. Everything was cleaned up and she was gone. We could not have asked for anything betters than the night we had with Chef Sherry. She was incredible!"


P. & R Weber, Clarkston

"We hired Chef Sherry to come do a team building meal preparation activity with our Resident Advisor staff in January.  Everything about the experience was superb.  Chef Sherry was very helpful and easy to work with during the pre-event preparation.  She did all the shopping and came prepared with ingredients, recipes, and all of the cooking supplies.  Not only is she a tremendous chef, but she is also very personable and a good teacher.  She guided our staff of 12 college students through the preparation

of an absolutely delicious three course meal and I could not

have been more pleased!"


D. Rutledge

Director of Residence Life

Rochester College

"I called Chef Sherry to schedule a romantic dinner for the two of us for our 12 year Wedding Anniversary.  We decided to go with the Diamond Package with Massages.  I can't even tell you what an amazing and relaxing time we both had that evening.  Chef Sherry is a truly gifted chef.  Her creations are really a master piece for your taste buds. Everything that she prepared for us was just perfect!  And on top of that, she brought Elizabeth, the massage therapist with her to completely unwind the both of us while she was busy cooking! OMG!  What a great night!


I can't wait until next time...Maybe my birthday -- I don't think I want to wait until our next anniversay!


Thanks Chef Sherry for making our anniversary absolutely perfect!"


Jacqueline D., Franklin

"My husband and I received a gift package of a massage and romantic dinner. What a wonderful experience! Chef Sherry prepared a delicious dinner of apricot glazed chicken, risotto, braised fennel and chocolate mousse for dessert. In the meantime, Massage Therapist Elizabeth gave us both amazing massages so we were totally relaxed to enjoy dinner. This is the perfect way for two busy professionals to spend an evening together. Thank you!"


Linda J., Bloomfield Hills

"Chef Sherry catered a special dinner-for-four as a gift from us to my parents to celebrate their 70th birthdays.  From the start she was patient and so easy to work with that she felt like a friend when she arrived.  It was so fun to peek in and see a "real" chef at work while we enjoyed a drink and when dinner was served, she was the consummate professional.  The food was phenomenal (we had the beef-wellington-yum!) and a few of us even had leftover's.  Weeks later, I still think of that wonderful evening and that beautiful dinner and how much I

loved the awesome experience Chef Sherry created for truly was the perfect gift!"


Donna O., Georgia

"What a beautiful surprise gift from my sister and brother-in-law. Chef Sherry was friendly & professional, and created a sumptuous meal!  


The "falling in love chocolate cake" was decadent!  


Thank you for cleaning up as well as I would have and for sharing your recipes! We would highly recommend you!"


Shaun & Laurie P., Plymouth

"Chef Sherry has cooked for my family for over a year. I am vegan and the rest of my family eats a regular diet. Chef Sherry was able to prepare very good healthy food for all of us with our diet requirements. She made my life very easy. After a very long work day, we were able to eat a very delicious healthy meal with very little work. Chef Sherry always arrived on time and left the kitchen spotless. Chef Sherry is very easy to work with and is very professional. I would recommend her to


Karen B., Detroit

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